Tru Elixirs Ginja (100mg of CBD/bottle) is a concentrated mixer that’s perfect as a “kicker”. One of the best parts about this CBD drink is that it mixes well with so many other different beverages and cocktails.

Here are a couple of tasty ideas for you…


  • Add 2-3oz to your hard seltzer (because we all know they need a little flavor boost)
  • Add 1-2oz to your craft beer (the lighter the beer the better in our experience)
  • Add 1-2oz to your glass of sparking wine (we thought it was better with white wine, but you be you own judge)
  • Add 1-2oz to your margarita or other mixed drink (add a splash to the classics, it probably won’t disappoint)


  • Add 2-3oz to your favorite sparking soda or seltzer (proportions will vary based on your flavor preferences)
  • Add 2-3oz to a glass of your favorite fruit juice (just a splash will liven up those boring juices)
  • Add 2-3oz to your hot or iced tea (herbal, green, black, oolong, etc…it’s all good)
  • Add 2-3oz to your kombucha (we tried it with some berry kombucha and it was amazing)
  • Add 1-2oz to your energy drink (don’t over-do it, but adding a little bit to your red bull is…interesting)