Palomas are gaining in popularity these days, and with good reason…they’re delicious! It seems people are getting bored with margaritas and looking for other tasty ways to drink tequila. Well, here you go people! This is our version using Ginja Cannabis Cocktail Mixer, and we’re pretty sure once you try it you’ll be hooked…

NOTE: There are multiple variations for this recipe. The sky is the limit, really. It’s just a matter of adjusting it to meet your own personal preferences, and using whatever ingredients you have on hand.

Optional: grapefruit, rim salt & lime wedge
2oz premium tequila
2oz Ginja Cannabis Concentrate
1oz grapefruit juice & 2oz sparkling soda
3oz grapefruit-flavored soda

Mixing Instructions:
Best to use good-quality blanco tequila in this recipe, and you have a choice between using classic grapefruit-flavored soda (Fresca, Jarritos, etc) OR using a mix of fresh grapefruit juice and sparkling water or soda.

Rub the rim of a highball glass or margarita glass with a grapefruit wedge, and dip it in a small plate of salt.
Add the tequila, Ginja, and juice/soda.
Stir to combine and add ice to fill the glass.
Garnish with grapefruit and/or lime wedge (optional).

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