CBD Awards & Honors

Tru Elixirs was recently presented with multiple awards by the Cannabis Cocktail Collective and featured on the website CBDMixers.com, which is an independent group of bartenders, mixologists, executive chefs, and cannabis connoisseurs that rates and reviews CBD drinks.

As per their website, “We are dedicated to spreading awareness and sharing information about cannabis cocktails & hemp CBD drinks. One of our main goals is to provide you with information on credible and high-quality products, and to help you distinguish them from the countless inferior CBD products out there.”

We were extremely honored to be recognized and present with 2 AWARDS in multiple categories for their 2020 “Best of the Best” Cannabis Cocktails & CBD Drinks.


Cannabis Cocktails Collective “BEST OF THE BEST” Awards:


The Cannabis Cocktails Collective has also started a growing list of recipe inspirations which include ideas for the GINJA & CBD PICKLEBACKS so you can check that out here: CBD Cocktails & Inspiring Recipes



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