Ginja (Ginger Ninja)

Winner of the 2020 “Best Original CBD Cocktail Mixer”

Cannabis Cocktails Collective

This concentrated cannabis mixer is a refreshing and uplifting blend of fresh ginger, lemon juice, cane sugar, caffeinated teas, and high-purity hemp extracts. In every bottle there’s 100mg of CBD and broad-spectrum hemp which contains around 5mg of CBG and other trace cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s typically poured at a 1:3 ratio and it’s a delicious addition to sparkling sodas, hard seltzers, cocktails, and mocktails. It’s also great served warm OR cold, so it’s the perfect choice for just about any occasion!

  • Mix it with your favorite spirits
  • Spike that boring hard seltzer
  • Try it with sparkling wine
  • Add a splash to your craft beer
  • Makes amazing mocktails
  • Serve it hot, warm, or cold
  • The possibilities are endless!

So strap in for a super tasty, hyper refreshing mixer that perfect for cocktails, mocktails, and more. Get weird with it too! We’ve barely scratched the surface of the Ginja’s true potential, so you should feel free to create your own unique recipes to share with your friends. And if you come up with something especially amazing, be sure to let us know and we’ll include it in our CBD Drinks & Cocktails Recipes.

Slightly Caffeinated for Extra Kick!

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